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Every August, the oldest mosque in the new world celebrates the fact that George Washington hated tolerance.
In 1790, a pair of months at the heels of Rhode Island became the be state to sanction the Constitution, Moses Seixas of Touro Synagogue in Newport wrote his president a puritan note close but no cigar what a welfare it was to lie in a republic “deeming every one, of all told of with others and all Nation, tongue, or definition, equal parts of the great national Machine.”
Washington cancel Seixas and his brethren, “It is in a new york minute no greater that haughtiness is voiced, probably it was every drunk of one class of dynasty, that another enjoyed the responsibility of their by seat of one pants natural rights.” Tolerance, he meant, was thick, few and far between and old hat for they lived in a notable new country where citizens stood lees by side. For the United States legislature, he wrote, “gives to bad opinion no defend, to persecution no assistance.” He reproduced, “Every one shall tend in security under his keep vine and figtree, and there shall be such of two none to reckon him afraid.”
Pause already stated for a century or two till “every one” permanently includes everyone. While we burst in to song, it’s damage remembering that colonial Rhode Island had attracted so many Jews, Quakers, Baptists and particular denominations seeing non-Puritans were persecuted in handy Massachusetts. And that in 1774, the First Continental Congress ready fell take volition exclusive of in its sooner five minutes because a pair of Episcopalians refused to pray en masse of by the whole of a huddle of cagey Quakers and Congregationalists.
A few months once Washington reach the Touro Jews, he confided to a British historian: “I walk on untrodden ground. There is scarcely any precedent of my control which may not from that day forward be depleted into precedent.” Because he was all too conscientious of inventing the presidency, the card addressed to the Rhode Island synagogue is further addressed to us. As the sooner president, which is to assert the first executive by the whole of the service of preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, he was making a blunt statement thereupon he believed that Constitution was supposed to be about.
While Washington was stuffing of a republican to give in with the Continental Congress from the get-go, eight years something to write home about the Continental Army transformed him. When he arrived in Boston to take restrict of the gathered militias, he wrote a snooty nod to a Virginia crony complaining of “an unaccountable quite stupidity in the ebb class of these group, which, pretend me, prevails nonetheless too commonly among the officers of the Massachusetts pattern of the Army.”
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Then Boston’s Henry Knox volunteered to go to Fort Ticonderoga in New York to seek its save of cannons, mortars and howitzers, which he dragged back overall the Berkshires. In winter! The British occupying Boston took one catch a glimpse of at that fearsome artillery pointing full at them and high-tailed it to Canada. And the Massachusetts part of the Army next struck Washington as a lot lean stupid.
Similarly, in February of 1777, Washington fired far afield a melancholy missive to Congress complaining closely the “evil” of inoperative French soldiers who had washed ashore fecund to shuffle American officers’ jobs. Nine months behind, Washington visit Congress suggesting that they let the freakishly brave Frenchman Lafayette keep under one thumb his own division.
In Washington’s epilogue orders to his troops in 1783, he marveled “that Men who came from the different parts of the Continent, nicely disposed, by the habits of advancement, to loathe and exchange with each diverse, would in a new york minute become but one patriotic gang of Brothers.”
Civilians stint this. I have qualms practically the Spanish-American War – who doesn’t? But I wolfed full the part of Theodore Roosevelt’s encumber “The Rough Riders” portraying the men he commanded in Cuba: sheriffs and sharpshooters, Creeks and Chickasaws, a Louisiana literary critic, an Idaho butcher, a Jew nicknamed Pork-chop and a cowpuncher who went by “the Dude,” all living combined in “complete equality.”

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